• Purchase and Sale

We’ll help you find the right vehicle for you, taking into consideration your needs and your budget. We represent our clients at vehicle auctions across North America, and execute all necessary transactions on their behalf. We also carry an inventory of luxury vehicles for sale with possibility of shipping to any destination of choice.

  • Financing and Leasing

Avtoprom assists clients by offering them custom financing and leasing solutions that facilitate the purchase of their dream vehicle. Different Clients have different needs when it comes to vehicle selection and, thus, require financial solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. We are here to help…

  • Auto Parts

We sell a complete line of original used parts and offer a large variety of new OEM vehicle parts. We have access to a major auto parts distribution network, allowing us to offer auto parts at very competitive rates with their subsequent shipping to the destination of your choice.

Suspensions Parts

Ball-joints, Tie-rods,Axles, Shocks, Mounts, Tables, Stabilizer links and other

Mechanical Parts

Engines, Engine Components, Transmissions, Transmission Components,  Radiators, Condensers, Pumps, Brake Systems, Exhaust Systems, Manifolds and more.

Electronic Parts

Sensors, Modules, Regulators, Wirings, Electronic Systems and other Vehicle Electronic Components.

Body Parts

Hoods, Fenders, Windshields, Doors, Mounts, Support Panels and other Vehicle Body Parts.

  • Shipping Rates

We offer our clients the possibility of shipping their purchase to the location of their choice. Depending on the value, size, and weight of the purchase, we will offer the optimal shipping solutions involving maritime and airborne cargo carriers. We offer shipping of your purchase anywhere within North America.

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