Welcome to our Media Galleries

We thought of creating this section to be able to share with you our daily work moments. In a way it is an opportunity for us to show you the heart and dedication that we give out to you, clients that give us repeated business, and to your cars. We broke down the pictures into different specialties that we think we are good at. Check back whenever you have a minute. A million of engines that we service to make sure they serve you for very long, a million smiles that we get from you as a gesture of appreciation… it’s all good after all.

Car Logos Gallery

Instead of showing you how nice car logos look when a brand new car rolls out of a dealership, we’ve decided to create a gallery of car logos and how they look after a normal aging process. Actually, we are confident that you will agree with a simple fact that the longer a given car logo remains on your car, the prouder it makes you as its owner.


Car Repairs Gallery

This is where you could see car repair processes from different perspectives. We all become a little curious to witness the repair process once we have a car on a lift. We all have a little mechanic hidden inside of us.


Car Sales Gallery

We think that buying a car is a very important moment in someone’s life. Actually, it requires an emotional attachment from you and tons of reliability from your car. This is why we only recommend cars to clients that pass our rigorous standards of dependability and not because of the looks or design.


Car Tuning Gallery

Some people are in love with their cars so much that they actually never stop adding new, incredible things to them. If you’re curious as to how creative people can get with their cars, this gallery is specifically designed for that.


Car Wash Gallery

With a recent addition of the aesthetics, there is hardly anything about cars that we do not do. Our car washes, done by hand, offer a full array of aesthetic services to keep your car clean and shiny for years to come. Not convinced? Just look at the pictures…


Let us introduce ourselves

This gallery is our way of introducing ourselves and sharing with you funny moments of our daily working lives. So, that’s pretty much all about people that made our existence a success and working hard everyday so that we get well-deserved appreciation from our Clients.

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