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There is a little confusion about how car owners should maintenance their cars because different car manufacturers require different maintenance procedures. Nonetheless, we’ve managed to come up with a list of maintenance procedures that all manufactures would agree are beneficial for your car. There is a chance that some of these hints were already brought up to your attention.


Rust Proofing is the process of protecting the body parts of your car that are vulnerable to corrosion. Ideally, the basic form of rust-proofing should be done annually. The average cost is about 60-100$ depending on the substance and the coverage. There are other forms of rust-proofing that may cost up to 500$ and would take that rustproofing headache off your head for years to come. Yet, we only recommend using the expensive form of rust proofing on new cars only where the body structure is completely rust-free. Otherwise, if you happen to purchase a car that is 3-4 years old, paying a visit to your local mechanic shop once a year for a basic oil-based rust proofing is the right thing to do.



We have brought this subject to your attention before. If you want your engine to last years to come, use synthetic oil. The only complication with it is that the engine has to be washed with an engine treatment before switching to synthetic oil, in case if you were using regular oil before. The other noteworthy thing is the fact that once you get your car used to synthetic oil, switching back to regular mineral oil is highly not recommended.

Finally, expensive oil matches well with expensive oil filters. For instance, we recommend and use MANN Oil Filters. Few other good names that come to mind are Bosch, Fram and Wix.



Another aspect that we have already brought to your attention is the use of Premium Gas. It just makes perfect sense to use premium gas. It costs on average 10% higher than regular gas but produces you with better fuel efficiency that would allow your vehicle to run up to 10% further on a single tank when compared to regular gas. The advantage of the premium gas is that all major oil companies fill their premium gas products with additives that clean your engine. We prefer Shell’s premium gas because it contains no ethanol.



All respectable mechanic shops offer their regular clients basic suspension check-ups when they come for an oil change. So, we would recommend you to establish a long term relationship with a mechanic shop of your choice, and, under normal circumstances, all your suspension check-ups should be free when you are changing oil. On the other hand, some mechanic shops would first charge you for inspecting your vehicle and preparing the job estimate, but if you accept to do the work using their services, they would normally wave these fees.



Try to develop the habit of checking your tire pressure every time when you are at a gas station, at least visually. Tires that are not properly inflated could be the cause of premature wear of certain suspension parts such as shock absorbers. Finally, running on a flat tire can cause nasty surprises on the road and financial damages that you could have avoided if you were more attentive to your tires.


  • ADDITIVES. Just like alcohol, Good with Moderation.

These days car part stores are filled with different additives that you can use to ensure the  reliability of your car. For instance, there are additives that you could put in the engine with oil changes, there are additives for the transmission, and there are additives for the fuel and cooling systems and so forth. One thing you, as a car owner, should be aware of, is that additives, just like alcohol, should be used with moderation. For example, we have witnessed cases of defective fuel injectors because the client did not follow the instructions for the fuel system additives that he has purchased.



Regular visits to your local car-wash should keep your vehicle in a clean and desirable state. Although there is no direct relationship between how well the cars are maintained and how reliable they behave, we, nonetheless, suspect that this relationship exists.

Imagine that you  are driving to a meeting and before you even have a chance to get out of your car and meet the people, you will be judged by the appearance of your car. Although, the make/model of your car does matter, the aesthetics of the exterior of your car is equally important. Basically, it is not only important what you drive but in what state it is.

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