Car-wash: How to keep your car shiny, sparkling clean and rust free.

Montreal car owners are blessed. Ugly roads, excessive rust caused by winter salt treatment, never ending road repairs with traffic & tons of little rocks that land on the car’s body causing small but undeniably unpleasant dents. All of these things have a detrimental effect on the car’s resale value. Actually, the difference between the same car’s value in good and bad condition could be as high as 30% of its resale price. Not to mention that cars in better physical conditions are easier to sell. So what are the things we should do to keep our cars in better condition and how often...

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Maintenance Tips

Hello Everyone! There is a little confusion about how car owners should maintenance their cars because different car manufacturers require different maintenance procedures. Nonetheless, we’ve managed to come up with a list of maintenance procedures that all manufactures would agree are beneficial for your car. There is a chance that some of these hints were already brought up to your attention. RUST PROOFING Rust Proofing is the process of protecting the body parts of your car that are vulnerable to corrosion. Ideally, the basic form of rust-proofing should be done annually. The average...

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An endless discussion pertaining to the selection of Gas and Oil

In fact, there are endless discussions on what quality of Gas and Oil people should use when conducting regular maintenance on their vehicle. For instance, most of the car manufacturers would simple mention that a Gasoline 87 Grade and 5W30 Oil Grade should be used – Such a vague statement normally leaves plenty room for confusion. Some argue that these are only minimal specs and that Premium 91 Grade Gasoline and Synthetic Oil should be used. Others affirm that using better specs than ones mentioned by manufacturer will not benefit their car. We happen to have a very unique approach to...

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Welcome to our Blog

We’ve decided to dedicate this section of our web site to our Clients that are very passionate about their cars. From time to time, we will be adding stuff that we think will help you better maintain the condition of your vehicle and ensure that it serves you reliably for years to come. Although, cars are not considered as living species, there is certainly a direct relationship between how good you take care of them and how long they will loyally serve you. We are passionate about servicing cars of our clients to the best of our abilities and we think we are quite good at what we do. This...

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