Car-wash: How to keep your car shiny, sparkling clean and rust free.

Montreal car owners are blessed. Ugly roads, excessive rust caused by winter salt treatment, never ending road repairs with traffic & tons of little rocks that land on the car’s body causing small but undeniably unpleasant dents. All of these things have a detrimental effect on the car’s resale value. Actually, the difference between the same car’s value in good and bad condition could be as high as 30% of its resale price. Not to mention that cars in better physical conditions are easier to sell.
So what are the things we should do to keep our cars in better condition and how often should we do them? Luckily, a specialized car-wash has all of the necessary answers to your inquiries.

Hand Car-wash
Take a habit of regularly washing your car. Giving your car its regular wash prevents the accumulation of dirt, salt or acids that cause corrosion to the car’s body. It is way more complicated and costly to get rid of corrosion as opposed to spending petty cash on car-washes.

Regular Wax Treatment
Giving the car a periodic waxing protects the body paint and provides extra shield against corrosion. Giving your car its regular wax treatment is somewhat compared to applying protection lotion on your shoes to extend their life.

Floor Shampoo
Takes out all the salt accumulation that causes holes in the floor carpets. Redoing torn floor carpets is one expensive procedure and it just makes total sense to protect the carpets vs. redoing them after they tear.

Body Compound
Takes out all little scratches to the body paint and provides a slightly better protection against further damages. We should apply the same logic here. Body compounding is something that could cost you a couple of hundreds and repainting car body elements because of rust could cost you up to 10 times more.

Engine Shampoo
Once in a while, preferably at the end of the winter season, it is recommended to perform an Engine Shampooing. These days, engines rely heavily on electronics that are present in forms of wiring and sensors. Excessive accumulation of salt and dirt cause erosion of wiring conducts and will eventually cause the electronic components of the car to malfunction. The sad part is that electronics malfunctioning is, by far, the costliest part of mechanic repairs because it normally takes multiple hours just to troubleshoot the problem.

The particular thing about the car-wash maintenance of your vehicle is the fact that longer you wait, the more expensive it is to fix the problem. So, if you happen to want keep your car for years to come, you may want to adopt a routine maintenance schedule. Again, there is no tangible proof or relationship between the regular maintenance and car’s longevity, there is,however,  a general belief that the better you take care of your car, the longer and more reliably it will serve you.

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