An endless discussion pertaining to the selection of Gas and Oil

In fact, there are endless discussions on what quality of Gas and Oil people should use when conducting regular maintenance on their vehicle. For instance, most of the car manufacturers would simple mention that a Gasoline 87 Grade and 5W30 Oil Grade should be used – Such a vague statement normally leaves plenty room for confusion. Some argue that these are only minimal specs and that Premium 91 Grade Gasoline and Synthetic Oil should be used. Others affirm that using better specs than ones mentioned by manufacturer will not benefit their car.

We happen to have a very unique approach to this dilemma. First, let’s say that if certain products cost more than others and have been on the market is because they are somewhat better and given that they have been on the market for quite some time, the end consumer clearly sees the advantage of it. Using this logic, both Premium grade 91 Gasoline and Synthetic Oil are both priced with a certain premium compared to regular gasoline and oil. The funny yet logical observation is that the premium that car drivers pay is directly reflected in the usage. Precisely, premium gasoline costs approximately 6-8% more than regular gasoline and it has been proven that cars on premium gasoline deliver better fuel economy than when they are using regular gasoline. Likewise, engines on synthetic oil run more or less twice the amount of kilometers than engines on regular oil. Needless to say, synthetic oil change costs double the amount. So, simply to use the logic of efficient time management, it makes more sense to put premium gasoline and synthetic oil.

The second argument directly has to do with benefits derived from premium gasoline and synthetic oil. In fact, manufactures enjoy better profit margins when they sell premium gasoline and premium oil. Therefore, in order to encourage car owners to buy high margin products, they enhance them with all sorts of additives and simply better quality chemical that are beneficial for car’s engine and fuel system. Therefore, using premium products keeps car engines in a better shape and ensures that it will serve you longer.

Aside from these two arguments to use premium products, our approach is the last arguments to encourage drivers to use premium gas and oil. We happen to repair millions of engines and when we open them, we can see the difference between engines that run on basic products and the ones that run on premium products. First of all, take our word that engines run on premium products break less. Also, once we open them, we see the inside in a considerably better condition. Oil Rings are better preserved and last longer on synthetic oil, engine cylinders deliver better compression results, bearing rods take longer to wear out and so forth. When using premium gasoline, the injectors maintain good performance longer; the valves and the combustion chamber accumulate less dirt caused by the gasoline burning process.

So, adding all these arguments, it just makes perfect sense to use premium products when it comes to gasoline and oil. We, being very passionate about cars, think that when you treat your car with very best products, the car gives you back the very best of its ability. Call it perfect economics or good karma, whichever you prefer.

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